This site contains the information I have gathered on my Father's and Mother's family.

My Father's side arrived from the Austro Hungarian Empire in 1869 and 1884 respectively.


  • My great-grandfather, Johann Rupprecht immigrated in 1884 and settled on Steve Ryan's farm, 5 miles N.W. of, Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska in about 1901.
  • My great-grandfather, Karl Mayberger (father's side) immigrated in 1869 and he appears on the census of 25 June 1870 at Monroe Precinct, Platte County, Nebraska.
  • My 2nd great-grandfather, John Reeves (mother's side) was born and raised in Green County, Kentucky. He moved to a farm N.E. of Central City, Merrick County, Nebraska in 1887.


Both branches are included in this website.

Note: The information has been gathered over the years from a variety of sources and is believed to be generally accurate, but may contain errors.

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